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POP (Post Office Protocol)

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POP (Post Office Protocol, Ver 3)

POP, which is similer to SMTP, involves command/reply lockstep protocol. Unlike SMTP, POP is used to retrieve mail for a simple user, typically the POP server has access to a database of messages created by an SMTP server. POP connection require authentication in the form of a secret that is shared by the user and the POP server (a Password).

      POP commands and replies are formatted as ASCII lines, and all replies start with either “+OK” or “-ERR”. Some of the commands that make up the POP protocol are listed below:

USER    specify username.
PASS     specify password.
STAT     get mailbox status-number of message in the mailbox”.
LIST      get a list of messages and sizes, one per line , termination line contains just a period.
RETR    retrieve a message.
DELE    mark a message for deletion.
QUIT     remove mark messages and close the TCP connection.

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