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How the Web Works

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How the Web Works

The model of Web communication conforms to client server communication. The client is the Web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer and the server is the Web server where the requested Web pages are residing. The user uses a Web browser & clicks on a document link. The browser read the URL of the link and recognizes the different parts of the URL. The client/the user’s computer contacts the Web server (through the appropriate port number) and requests the file. The server retrieves the file from its storage device ( hard disk). If no filename is specified, default page (usually the home page) is retrieved. If the file is a program, the program is run on the server. If the file contain images those are also retrieved one by one. The server send the results of the request to the Web browser, usually in the form of an HTML document. The Web browser reads the HTML codes, formats the document and images, and displays the results for the user to see.

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